The Ethics of our fur trade

As makers of finished fur goods, it is of the highest priority that those who supply our furs are harvesting with adherence not only to humane trapping practices as required by the Territorial Government but also to ethical, mindful harvesting standards. With priority given to First Nations trappers, we pledge to work together as stewards of the land and as conservation-minded consumers in how we harvest, grade, handle, and process our furs.  

When joining local trappers in partnership as suppliers and vendors, we promise to not over-harvest any species in any area. By working with a range of suppliers, we can give certain populations or regions an opportunity to rest, which will allow for a sustainable harvest that can  continue to provide for generations to come. It is important that our trapper partners minimize negative trap line impacts, that they ensure respect for the animals and their habitat, and maintain a spirit of gratitude for the gift that the animals give us with their fur. 

This industry has sustained the North for a very long time and we are honoured and humbled to be part of that industry. It is our responsibility to ensure that we build a sustainable business that has a positive impact on our communities. 

To become one of our fur vendors, please submit a short essay using the contact form or by emailing us directly, describing your trapping experience, the area in which you trap , how you came to have the trapline, the species you are harvesting, practices you enact to preserve the populations and habitat of the animals you harvest. Share with us what the idea of “Treating fur with Respect” means to you.

We look forward to hearing from and working with trappers who share our love of and gratitude for the bounty of the land.