We will be okay

Oh. My. God. 

This has been the most disruptive, unsettling, fear-infused time I can recall ever having experienced. I’ve endured a house fire and a horrendous divorce and this thing has those beat by miles. I can’t quite get a handle on whether I’m coming or going each day, what to work on (or to bother because the store is closed so what’s the point). My mental health is paying the greatest priced followed closely by my fledgling marriage. 

I’m certainly not my best self these days and the spiral of doomsday thinking gains traction with very little effort. Bless my wonderful husband for accepting my apologies each day for being a prickly, negative jerk  and for always finding a way to make me laugh. 

I honestly don’t know how to stay positive (nevermind optimistic) because so little of this experience is within my control but friends, I’m doing my best. 

I spent an entire week last week updating my rather tragic, neglected website with as many listings of products found in my physical store. It was a massive undertaking. I stock literally hundreds of individual items but I was getting it done. Photos. Instagram updates. Inventory checks. Product descriptions. Syncing my web store with the physical one. Then it all died. On my birthday. Yeah, I cried. So I spent the following day building an entirely new web store but where did all the customers go? 

I know everyone is facing the same financial uncertainty but we all need to support one another in all the ways that we can. If making purchases is not within your means right now, I want to ask you to please comment on and share my posts on Instagram. Doing this puts my posts in front of folks who may not have ever seen my work or heard of what we do. That’s tremendously helpful. I need your help. 

And I KNOW you’re cruising IG aaaaallll the time. (kidding. not really)

So if you’re inclined, by all means, go and take a look at the new web store. Yes, many listings are still without images. That’s either because I didn’t photograph those items yet (because I’m working at home and they’re at the shop) or they’re sold out and I need to make more. But there’s TONS with photos. Also, this is a brand new web store. It might have kinks to be worked out. If you run into a problem, please TELL ME!!!! 

There is uncertainty. There is stress, anxiety, and fear. But I have to believe that we will be okay. Our reality is forever changed but hopefully we’re able to come out of this kinder, gentler, more compassionate. I don’t know but it sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Take care of yourselves and each other. From 6′ away. And wash your hands. 

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  1. Hey Vanessa,

    Im creeping your pages regularly as I find your energy and creative side uplifting and positive. We all need positive in life, right?!

    When I learned Geo had found the love of his life, I was sooo happy. Hes like a brother to me and it fills my heart to see him so connected. Congrats on your marriage. Xo

    These times we are in are crazy to say the least. Many businesses are closing, laying off staff and really truely struggling . I just wanted to drop some positive here, for you. I dont know you from Adam (where does that expression come from?) but i get the feeling you are a positive, encouraging woman who has a strong connection to people and life. Its tough when we must force ourselves to disconnect. I know i am struggling . You got this. We got this. Stay positive and keep being you.


    1. Wow, Melanie, what kind words. Thank you for the encouragement. My feeling on this whole experience changes from day to day but in general, while we’re experiencing crazy changes I’m trying to remind myself that the quiet time in the store is allowing me to make stock and do all the things I never have time for. This is a gift, the quiet and the slow. As long as I can remember that, I think I’ll be ok. Thank you for your note. It was a lovely thing to see.

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