Learning Log 09.07.19

I have been terrible at this student thing. I am serious in my heart but when it comes to my day-to-day, I honestly suck. I *want* to be pursuing this degree but there’s just so much to do and somehow, this work seems to be the first thing that gets pushed aside. I’m trying damned hard to change that. 

The other day, I received an email from Textileartist.org and the artist featured immediately grabbed my attention. The interview was with sculpture artist, Meghan Rowswell. Her work is loaded with curiosity, experimentation, and so much texture! I read the article and kept it in an open tab in my browser for two days so I could go back and keep looking at the work. I also looked her up on Instagram so that her posts would show up in my feed. I want to keep an eye on her work. 

The pieces which show techniques such as pleating, slashing, and embroidery were of the greatest interest to me. They immediately sparked ideas for new work and I think I’d be wise to record them in one of my sketchbooks before I forget. I love when I come across an artist whose work ignites that kind of inspiration. What a magical, unexpected experience! 

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