New Class Offerings

Always doing something new...

I love teaching. I’ve been teaching creative classes and workshops for over 15 years and love it every single time. One of my favourite parts of teaching creative skills is watching the learners, regardless of their age, grasp the concept being taught. There’s a magical exchange that occurs when a learner begins a class not knowing how something is done and the the skill or technique is taught and the information lands inside their brains in a way that ignites a fireworks display of “getting it”. Sure, every class is different. Sometimes, the information exchange is an easy one and sometimes it’s a really tough one. But even those classes or moments are extremely valuable for me as they afford me the opportunity to consider what could be done better or differently next time. 

I think if you were to ask me what age group is my favourite, I’d really be hard-pressed to do so. I’ve instructed kindergarteners all the way through to the most senior of Elders. Little ones are fearless and eager to learn. Teens often are concerned with how others perceive them and Elders, like the little ones aren’t bothered by looking silly or making mistakes. There are so many things that I learn from my classes and from the people in them. 

Since moving the shop from the tiny space into a larger one (still in Horwoods, beside Baked), we now have a bit of room to host classes. I held one embroidery class and it was a tremendous success. There have been several inquiries as to when the next one will be. There will be another ‘Not your Grandma’s Embroidery’ class held in the shop from 6-8 on Wednesday May 29. Class fee is $75 and includes instruction, fabric, hoop, embroidery floss, needle and design templates. Classes can be paid for via e-transfer (email or in person in the shop. 

Embroidery Class