Time to get makin’

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working in this glorious space in Downtown Whitehorse. My friend, Emma Barr is an exceptional landscape painter and for the duration of her stay in Nigeria, I’m making the most of her otherwise unoccupied gallery space. I have a spot for my textile work in progress as well as a portion of wall space to display my weavings.


I’m treating this as a typical residency where I eat, sleep, and breathe my work. I wake up, do yoga, eat breakfast and head to the studio. I can spend eight hours in this space every day happily spinning and weaving while only barely noticing the passage of time. Yes, it’s my idea of heaven.


Today, I spun up two singles of merino (one single was spun with cedar bark) and plied them together for Chilkat warp for my partner, George’s Ravenstail robe that I intend to start soon. I was pretty thrilled to have this particular batch of warp turn out the way it did. I was hoping that by spinning it on the smaller whorl than usual would come closer to replicating the traditional thigh-spun warp that is normally used for Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving. Once this has rested overnight, I’ll wind it into a skein and then I’ll be taking it home and giving it a good soak to set the twist. Let’s hope that a wee bit of fulling will keep it from unravelling when I cut it for weaving!


And during my hours upon hours of spinning, I took my newest pair of Ginger jeans for a spin (see what I did there?!). I already have a few pairs of them and they are in heavy rotation in my very limited, mostly me-made wardrobe. I wanted a new pair that fit me just right and boy, do they ever! I used a lightweight stretch denim that I bought at Fabric.com and while my sewing machine and serger both gave me no shortage of attitude (complete with 6 broken needles!) and the whole project took several hours longer than anticipated, I’m really delighted with how they turned out. Just enough stretch that my booty looks as good at the end of the day as it does at the beginning.

And I think I finally have myself organized to begin working on my University courses. I have numerous pens, paint brushes, paints, markers, and sketch books to keep me busy for a long time to come. I will begin my Learning Log perhaps tonight or tomorrow with my coffee. I’m excited to begin recording my thoughts and discoveries as I embark on this new journey.  I hope to have a few pages to share and keep a digital record of within the next week or so, so if that sort of academic nerdery turns you on, then just hang onto your wig because shit’s about to get real!


Do you have any amazing/daunting/inspiring creative projects in the works? Tell me about them (Brooke, I know I can count on your participation here)


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The beginning

I have been a blogger for what feels like a million years. I first began blogging almost fifteen years ago. Every time I start a new website or blog, it feels like coming home. Me and this text editor window, we go WAY back.

So here we are again. Another new year, another new website. This time, I even have a new name to bring a new layer of complication. You may have known my work as Vanessa Falle. Last December, I decided to create a new name and new version of self that included an unpronounceable, unspellable last name. It means “Daughter of the King of the Sea”. I’d say that’s about as cool as a name could possibly be. If you want to take a stab at pronounciation – try “eye-yurs-daughter” and you’d be pretty dang close.

On this website, you’ll find two separate galleries of work. One showcases my lifelong passion of making textiles with my hands and the other highlights my love of people – relationships, to be specific. I also intend to add another gallery to hold copies of my school assignments. You see, I’ve long dreamed of getting a degree but never found one that fit. Not long after changing my name, I also found the perfect degree program. It’s a BA (hons.) in Textiles and it’s online. The school is called Open College for the Arts and it’s accredited through the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. Self directed, online, and specifically in textiles. Absolutely perfect.

Of course, I will probably take several years in earning this degree but I’m delighted to be taking the initial steps. This is something I’ve imagined since I was a kid. I’m moderately terrified, adequately intimidated, and thoroughly excited. Paying for the first round of education was my Christmas gift to myself. I am incredibly humbled to be able to pursue this dream after a year and a half of absolute misery.

So stay with me as I embark on this interesting new journey of continuing to make art both in textiles and in photography while earning my degree. Phew!