Eudaimonia – Human Flourishing

At the beginning of every year, I choose a word to guide me rather than making resolutions. Last year, my word was Meraki (google it. It’s a winner) and while I was pondering a word I have a strong connection to – light – as being my word for the year, this delicious word popped up. I think there’s something extra special about the richness of a word like this. I like that it’s not part of everyday vernacular but that it also says so much. I think that the definition of this word speaks to my personal goals every year but I’m pretty sure I had no idea there was one word that said it all. I can’t imagine a better state of being that would beat being happy, healthy, and prosperous. Don’t you think?

This is the image that I have for my Facebook cover on my personal page and I selected the background image because it’s Vík in South Iceland (a stock image, not one of mine) and if you’ve ever met me, you know I have a serious love affair with Iceland. Seeing the Icelandic landscape stirs something in me and I like that.


I think that this tradition of choosing a word at the beginning of the year says a lot about intention. I’m a big believer in setting intention and in the power of putting thought into words and the remarkable things that can happen when a little focus is put in one direction. I’ve seen it work too many times to ever doubt it. For me, this act of choosing a word is a new year tradition that only serves to benefit me and I’m pretty excited to see how this word benefits my life. Stay tuned!


Do you choose a word for yourself? What word did you choose for yourself? I’d love to know. Tell me your word and why you chose it in the comments!


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